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To whom it may concern,

Good evening, my name is Terry West and with the COVID-19 Pandemic, people have been acting selfish and have been hoarding all the toilet paper.

My guess they are doing this in hopes to resale it for a higher price which is illegal.

I work for Lenscrafters, and our corporate owner is Luxottica, and we make monthly purchases for supplies and the one thing I always make sure of is getting toilet paper named Angel Soft and we buy it 30 rolls per case and I usually order 2 cases and it comes from Granger.

Please, is there any way I can get toilet paper for me and my family. The online supplies are expensive and the fear is that this COVID-19 may get so bad that post offices and UPS etc will shut down and stop delivering.

So before we get to that point, I wanted to ask please if you can help me and my family through this time of need and perhaps get toilet paper directly from the source.

Our supplies are running low.

We would be grateful for any assistance as we can not find it on the local shelves anywhere. Walmart, Publix, Kroger etc.

Even the Dollar Tree are all out.

Thank you, Terry West

PS. If you can assist, here is our home address: 2867 Dresden Square Drive Chamblee, Georgia 30341

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